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Styled Shoot for the Average Jane

Updated: Jan 13

2020. The year of the unknown, of uncertainty, and of complete chaos. This year has brought darkness and panic to everyone around us, however, let’s not focus on all the bad. I can’t speak for everyone but I know for me personally, I have learned to appreciate the smaller things in my life. I have learned to keep those I care about the most closer to me. I have learned to enjoy the little things in life.

As a new planner, discovering style shoots was key to me getting my foot in the door and was the perfect way to add photos to my portfolio and website. Style shoots; the hidden gem of the wedding industry. A styled shoot is simply a “mock wedding” that you, as the planner, get to design from scratch. During this “slow” season, I have discovered how organic and enjoyable styled shoots really are. I have personally done a handful of them and have learned something from each and every one. There is an overwhelmingly amazing feeling when you get to create something so beautiful from scratch with any direction you choose; you have full control/reign of what style or color palettes you want to see come to life.


First things first, finding the inspiration. Whether that means seeing a wedding that really sparks your creative side or even just finding a specific decor piece that you center it all around. Once you have your starter piece, the rest will slowly come all together creating the perfect “mock” wedding. Not to say it w

on’t be a hard process; most people do not understand what goes into an event of any size or a styled shoot for that matter. It is a ton of work and there’s no way around it. If you do not have the time to put your ALL into a shoot then don’t do it. Otherwise you’re lack of time and rushing through WILL show in the work, I promise you that. Mood boards are key in this step...Pinterest will become your best friend...finding several pictures of the color palettes, dresses, tables decor that catches your eye, etc.


Gathering your vendors or “friendors'' as I like to call them is the next BIG step and probably the most important one. Not only do you want to find vendors to assist in the shoot but you need to be able to rely on them to hold up their end of the deal and ultimately show up for you. I have been blessed thus far to work with some incredible vendors who I now call friends, hence the term “friendors.” I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and discovering multiple talents and there is also something truly amazing about having a go-to list of people to fall back on to help bring your ideas to life. The obvious “win” when creating a strong relationship with other vendors in this industry is word of mouth. There is no better form of “advertisement” than that of a fellow friendor talking about how amazing you are to work with professionally and personally.


Location. The venue is what brings it all together. My favorite thing about hunting for a venue to have as a part of my shoots is discovering hidden gems and the amazing people behind them. Every venue is happy to open their doors and get free advertisement with your styled shoot….all you have to do it ask! This should be an obvious one but be sure to be courteous and grateful to those opening their doors for you and allowing you and your team on the property.

Inspirations for styled shoots are endless, especially in the wedding industry because of the amount of details and several different styles brides or grooms can have. The starting point to any successful styled shoot is finding the inspiration to create, the rest will slowly come together!

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