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Budget Friendly Backyard Wedding

Weddings have certainly taken on an entirely new look throughout the pandemic and have evolved in a sense in order to keep people safe while still celebrating amazing moments. I never thought I’d see the day where “micro-weddings” or backyard weddings were the popular choice rather than massive venues hosting the event. However, people are doing what they have to in order to keep up with the new ever changing safety rules due to the pandemic. It has truly been amazing to see how creative people are to be able to still celebrate precious moments with their loved ones.

Whether it’s only having 10 people in attendance or having your entire family watch the ceremony via zoom...if it’s important people are making it work. Smaller ceremonies mean more intimate celebrations. And the obvious win here….saving money! Backyard weddings are an easy way to cut costs on the entire event. That way your budget can include the smaller things for your big day...like specific flowers you want or that really amazing planner you have to have by your side! (:

You can also be more creative with your own space as well….with a venue there are a ton of rules to follow. Like hanging certain decorations up...or playing music past a certain time. Obviously you should still be somewhat respectful of your neighbors when it comes to the volume of your event but if you're nice enough to them I'm sure they won’t mind. Backyard events are perfect because of how intimate you can make them. Whether that means you have 5 guests or 100 (depending on the size of your backyard of course) it is homey and close knit and in my opinion, the best place to host any family event.

Budget friendly events are also a huge trend right now with how tight things are for everyone financially. That being said, DIY projects are taking off like never before. Bride’s are making their own bouquets or centerpieces out of either fake flowers or the new obsession...wood flowers which are still just as pretty and half the price! A lot of bride’s are skipping on the less important items to cut costs, such as “save the dates,” and just sending out invitations instead.

Enough of me blabbering...here are some key tips to think about when planning a backyard event...

Make sure you have a back up plan! Especially in California, you don’t want to have a backyard wedding planned and have it rain that one time of year on your special day. So always have a rainy day plan just in case!

Put up a ton of string lights! Nothing elevates an event more than romantic lighting. You can get string lights super cheap at Amazon or Walmart...cover the backyard and tad-da you have an upscale venue for your event!

Make it feel comfortable and homey! Add lounge seating to the area so that way your guests can be more comfortable and want to spend the entire time with you instead of ditching the party early. Adding a few lounge items is also an easy way to elevate the area as well...making it seem like you did more than you really did!

Transform your pool (if you have one of course)! I’ve seen pools be transformed in some pretty creative ways...from simply adding floating candles and rose pedals to adding a bridge over the pool for a romantic aisle for the bride to walk down.

Make it fun! Add lawn games. Add some entertainment that’s different from your typical dance floor or photobooth. Add Cornhole or Jenga to bring life to the event and keep your guests entertained for hours.

Be smart with the space you have! If you’re working with a smaller space, then get creative and maybe do longer banquet tables instead of a bunch of round tables that take up more space.

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